Kåre Kivijärvi – tells about his work and life.

“I was born in Hammerfest 1938. War, evacuation and reconstruction. A happy childhood full of adventure. As was adolescence. But there were lonely activities such as skiing and fly-fishing. Got my box-camera at the age of 12. Exams after 10 years in barrack-school. For a short period studies of photography with Olav Lystad, Ørsta. Went home because of younger sister’s death. Journalist-student and photographer from 1956 in “West Finmark Arbeiderblad”. Worked in The Air Forces’s photography-service.

Studied with Professor Otto Steinert, who at that time was one ofthe most important teachers of photography. My fellow students were several Germans, three Swedes, one Frenchman, two Swiss and one from Jamaica. I was estimated equally as the best ones, owing to the fact that my background and experience were wide despite of my young age; I had an early start as a child in the darkrom student in lounge-photographer Lystad’s studie, newspaper photographer, operator at he firt printing machine in Finmark and work at the Air Force’s photo service. In other words, I was capable of photography as well as copying. Our Professor cultivated and diciplined the visually gifted, for example results from a study-tour “Christmas Eve Malaga 1959”.

Made my debut in 1961 at Oslo Kunstforening. In 1962-important exhibition that attracted considerable attention at Finnish design center in Helsinki. Thereafter several year connected to Finland’s press office “Viikosanomat”. 1963-64 travelled through Soviet and Afghanistan, stayed in Indiaand Neapal. In 1966 participated in the first Finnish arctic expedition to East Greenland. 1967 exhibition in the North Norway Festival. 1969-70 Journalist “Finmark Dagblad” Exhibition at the North Norway Festival ” One year in Finmark”-showing that press-photographymay have a value further than the moment. 1971 Exhibited at Høstutstillingen (Autumn exhibition) – the first year photographers were admitted to participate. 1972 Pilgrimage with Finnish Orthodox, a monk, a congregation to existing churches and monasteries in Leningrad, Moscow and Novosibirsk and Irkuktsk near Baykal. In 1973 succesful exhibition at Blå Galleri, Oslo.

Travelled to Cyprus, stayed there till the war brok out. Moved back to Cyprus in 1977. Spent several happy years “back to earth”- fishing, house and earth. 1982 moved to Hammerfest. 1983 Artistic advisor to the Decoration Fund and for New Public Buildings. Exhibition at Henie-Onstad Artcenter in 1985 and at several museums and artcentres in North Norway. 1988 Lifetime artist’s fellowship in Norway.” text K Kivijärvi 1989.

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